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1968: Another Look

May 27, 2008

1968 is the 40th anniversary of that year of student violence.  I can’t say it’s something that has ever interested me too much, but it’s up there on my list of things to know about, along with another turbulent year, 1848.

My interest in this anniversary has just been stoked up by what may be the most perverted film that I have seen in a long time – “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci.  It tells the story of a young Yank living in Paris who by dint of a passion for old cinema falls in love with a pair of twins, one played by the luscious Eva Green.  When I say in love with both of them, I mean both, as the twins were formerly conjoined at the shoulder and although physically separated, their minds seem to be as one.  Cue all kinds of ridiculous and I do mean ridiculous situations. It’s all very fucked up and they all get hurt.  The ’68 student riots are a backdrop to all of this for much of the film and in the end it destroys the three young people whom the film is centred on.  Very sad.


Why Universities have become irrelevent

February 12, 2008

I have to be honest, I despise universities in general. And also my own. Why? Because whatever supposed education I could get from here is worthless for any number of job descriptions. And due to my experiences with academics I am also convinced that the manner in which students are taught is deeply flawed and contributing to an idiotic mindset. This applies only to arts subjects – people doing actual sciences and languages are excluded, as their subjects are founded on a comprehensive technical understanding. So really this leaves history and politics, two of the most popular but slipshod subjects in the country.

Granted, one has to have a certain basic understanding of language to be able to properly frame a response to a question. However I didn’t get an “A” at History A-Level and 100 per cent in my politics GS exam because I wrote rubbish. I know for a fact that apart from certain people I’ve read more on just about everything. And despite the fact it has bugger all to do with my course I also know that I’m more knowledgable, better acquainted with different styles and therefore of much greater use to society. And I did NOT need a three year sojourn at university to be able to do that.

I mean for God’s sake, what does a History Degree or a Politics Degree prove you can do? That you can take inordinate amounts of shit on board and produce it in a manner acceptable to someone who was getting high in the 60s and 70s? For some reason it “proves” that you are adaptable to any number of accepted social constraints and have a work ethic. Bollocks. Having gone through more than a decade of life in proper educational institutions you have already proved that you can adapt to all kinds of rules, regulations and deadlines. And after university you are going to have to conform to them all over again. Which suggests that University really is a massive state subsidised piss-up.

One year of REAL “full time” Higher Education is what is really needed. The Labour Government did a good thing when it allowed the state-financed university sector grant shorter degrees – previously this had only been allowed in the case of the handful of private universities. Making university students do a condensed, serious year of study will show that they’ve earned their degree, decrease the burden upon the state and themselves which accrues after years of study, and set them up for the rest of life. Then when they’ve got a wage they can drink themselves silly. No doubt many people already did before even getting to university.