Labour people I like


Bob Marshall-Andrews

For a long time now I’ve said that the only member of the Labour Party I respect and admire is:- Michael Foot.  At least the man has real principles (not copycat centre-crap) and by God did he stick by them.


But, having remembered and ingrained his name into my memory, the other member of the Labour party I admire and respect is Bob Marshall-Andrews.  Yes, it’s partially because he’s a Labour rebel, but not in every case does a principled man a rebel make.  He looks a thoroughly decent man, and it takes a strong dose of humility to do what he did on election night in ’97 and effectively concede defeat, only to win!  He looks a thoroughly likeable chap and he’s always got something naturally witty to say on “Have I Got News for You?”, unlike political hacks like Limpet Opec.

And of course, he has recently come out in support of David Davis’s fine stand on 42-days detention, no doubt making Gordon, when he blew that one candle of his anniversary cake, blow the cake away with exasperation (probably into the face of Ed Balls).

The only bad thing about him is that he’s a Q.C., a thoroughly miserable bunch even worse than all the MPs in the Commons put together!


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