I leave the country for one minute…

…and all Hell breaks loose.  The Government manages to push through its outrageous bill extending detention to 42 days, with the support of nine horsemen of the Apocalypse – the D.U.P.  The concessions the governmen promised to secure Paisley’s support is estimated to be about one billion pounds.  To use the popular metaphor of a century ago, Ulster has been given one last wag of the dog.

And then David Davis surprises everyone with his resignation from the Commons in order to “fight” a by-election on the encroachment on civil liberties.  While I applaud Mr. Davis’s adherence to his honourable principles, he could have stated before the Bill passed through the Commons his intentions, rather than giving me something of a shock when I reached North America.

At least the Tory in Henley won I hear.  No idea who it is, I can only assume it isn’t London Mayor Johnson’s father.  A bit of good news I assume.  I rather liked the manner in which Brown said he was “proud” of his year in power.  He must have exceedingly low standards, and should really see someone about it…like the Queen to resign!


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