Boris – Was He Right to Ban Booze?

Someone raised an interesting point to me the other morning.  London Mayor Boris Johnson is well known for boozing in the Bullingdon Club when he was at Oxford University.  Therefore, by banning alcohol on the London Underground, is he guilty of hypocrisy?

The short answer is…yes.  But that’s not the point.  There are not that many who say that the ban is itself a bad thing.  That’s a given.  But who would implement it?  Would it be anymore acceptable if a non-heavy-drinker had put the ban in place?  Hardly.  That person would have been railed at for being a fiddy-duddy of sorts.

At least Boris has learnt from his mistakes in the past.  Yes, he may have been an unruly student, but at least he’s stood up and done something about it.  This is how things progress in the real world.  Otherwise, we’ll never change our ways.  Why on earth should he be pilloried for trying to prevent people from making the same sort of mistake (note that, it’s not exactly the same mistake now is it?).  I’d rather someone who enjoys his drink told me to stop doing it in public than some prudish bugger.


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