PM doing cold-calling – poor bugger

I was impressed slightly by the news that Gordon Brown is now cold-calling the public.  This is, of course, what any politician should do most of the time to keep in touch with the public – after all, this kind of calling is what gives us most polling data when it is needed.  Of course, it is a shame that the Prime Minister is doing this when his party has just sunk to its lowest level of popular estimation since…polling began!!  An overwhelming majority of the British people currently have no confidence in the Government and its party.  So it’s common sense really that the P.M. tries to find out what’s wrong and fast.

I wonder if Brown is finding out that people are fed up of the economic policies which he created and the culture which his party and Tony Blair espoused and propagated.  I also wonder if he has yet realised that most fringe parties are full of disaffected Labour voters… 


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