The Times vs. Oceanographic History

My attention was drawn to this article from The Times the other day.  If anything confirmed my view that the newspaper of record is going downhill, this is it.

In the article the Environment Editor claims that the reason that the Titanic was discovered in 1985 was that Dr. Robert D. Ballard had obtained navy funding and had to carry out the examination of two submarine wreck sites.  This done, he had twelve days in which to find the Titanic with the United States Navy’s blessing.

This is all correct, but it definitely isn’t news.  It’s not often when I can say I read about a story TWELVE years before a sub-editor for a national newspaper, at the age of ELEVEN for God’s sake.  Ballard spoke about his dives on the submarines Thresher and Scorpion after the end of the Cold War, and wrote extensively on the subject as a backdrop to the Titanic discovery in his memoirs, Explorations, published in 1996.  So well done The Times, you’ve done yourself proud today.

Titanic search…



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