Revenge is Sweet

I was horrified a week ago at the news that Carlisle United, that great Cumberland Associated Football side, had lost on aggregate to upstart losers Leeds United.  After Carlisle’s up and down record this season, to be robbed of a final chance to get into the Champion’s League was VERY bitter.

But all was not lost.  I had hoped that Leeds would go into receivership again, but something better happened.  Yesterday Leeds lost to South Yorkshire side Doncaster, one-nil.  A ha!  Next year, Carlisle WILL be promoted, and Leeds will hopefully sink to something like the Pub Landlord’s Cup :).


3 Responses to “Revenge is Sweet”

  1. dan Says:

    Nice SH, nice!

  2. dan Says:

    ahhhh I see there is no comment moderation! How very liberal!

  3. Simon Harley Says:

    I apologise Dan, to you at any rate, for slating Leeds United. Hopefully you won’t club me with a pint mug later on!

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