Indiana Jones and the Trip Down Memory Lane

After a pleasant day out in Temple Newsam avec amis, I decided to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I had heard two independent reviews from friends about the film who found it crap, but I just had to see it.  Considering that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came out when I was only four years old, I just had to experience Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. on the big screen at least once.  So criticism be damned, I thought.

And two hours later, I have to say I was relatively impressed by the film.  It was ridiculously action-packed.  I haven’t seen so much senseless violence since Pirates of the Caribbean III.  Despite all the talk of the film “not” being special-effects driven, there was still a fair amount of good old Industrial Light and Magic work in their.

The plot itself?  I can’t complain about it too much, although the title is rather misleading – there’s very little “Kingdom” involved in it.  The only problem I had with it was their annoying manner of explaining away the absences of Marcus Brodie and Henry Jones, Sr., i.e. Denholm Elliott (who died 16 years ago!) and Sean Connery.  I knew things were going to be bad when they replaced Denholm Elliott with bloody Jim Broadbent.  Then I saw in the background of a scene an atrocious portrait in oils of “Marcus Brodie”, and then an atrociously executed statue of him.  What a shoddy manner of tieing up loose ends!  And Sean Connery’s absence was explained by his apparently dying.  Right…

Some may criticise the outlandishness of the plot, but compared to the other films it’s not all that bad.  John Hurt was shockingly under-used as a character – he might as well have been CGI-animated for most of it, he said so little.  Shia LaBoef’s (Shite Le Beef as I call him) character wasn’t as bad as I expected.  He came across as a cock rather well, so the natural order of the universe hasn’t been altered.  I certainly wasn’t disappointed by the film.  I can only hope to God that another sequel is in the offing.


One Response to “Indiana Jones and the Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. dan Says:

    Im sorry but; Surviving an Atom bomb blast (at ground zero)… IN A FRIDGE, aliens are the answer to South American history, and the shoddy way in which Lucas is trying to pass the mantle to Henry Jones III was all just too much. Plus Pirates of the Caribbean III? Do you have NO shame?

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