Battle of Jutland


As the header of the blog may suggest, I’m into naval history. And nothing annoys me more than books, articles or websites which produce lies. And the place where the crap accumulates most and is therefore most dangerous is Wikipedia;

I brought it to the attention of the community there that this page was a pile of rubbish despite being classified as the best Wikipedia had to offer. I specified multiple instances where the article was just plain wrong, and what kind of response do I get?

“…I actually thought this was a pretty good summary of the battle, possibly the most coherent and understandable narrative I have read…”

“…I would make the point that this article is mostly sound…”

Mostly sound, except that it gives a false reason why the Battle took place, which normally would render anything further pointless. Madness!


One Response to “Battle of Jutland”

  1. historyjunkie88 Says:

    I agree with you Mr. Simon Harley. Wikipedia is simply a mish mash of college and high school students essays and reports that are gathered together into a messy packed trash ball. Wikipedia is blasmephous and has much misleading information.

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