Confessions of a Hillary supporter

I’m proud of being an unconventional Tory. Yes I’m fiercely patriotic, despise Socialism and brook no tolerance for those who believe in it, but I’m also a supporter of not-naturally Tory ideas.

One which I was proud to be unique about was being a Male Englishman of moderate-right wing views who supports Hillary Clinton in her bid to be President of the United States of America. McCain would be a good president but Reagan proved what happens when old men are allowed to kick around.

But what did I read at the weekend? The Conservative Party is now ingratiating itself like mad with the Hillary Campaign, one Tory MP flying over to actually work on her campaign! I’m impressed, but it would have been nice if they’d started months ago instead of hedging their bets. For despite Obama’s lacklustre victory in South Carolina, the money is still on Hillary to win the Democratic nomination. And then only McCain or God in the form of Romnabee or Huckney can stop her.


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